55 Year Reunion

Event Details

The Nordhoff Class of 1964 - 55 Year Reunion will be held June 5, 6 and 7, 2019 in Ojai at the St. Andrews Episcopal Church.

Nordhoff Classes of 1963, 1965 and 1966 will also participate. Representatives from those classes are responsible for contacting and inviting their classmates. Payments will be the responsibility of each individual classmate. Class Representatives: 

Penny Dewing                     Class of 66
Jack Jacobs                        Class of 65
Charlene Stallings Miller     Class of 63 

Tentative Schedule: (Note: This will be an informal affair, keeping programmed activities to a minimum with lots of free time for large and small group interactions.)

June 5, 2019

Wednesday Night: Ice Breaker and Catered Dinner (Most likely pizza)

June 6, 2019

Thursday Morning: Breakfast at St. Andrews [Jim Christianson has volunteered but needs help]

Thursday possible tours during the day: Ojai Winery, Ojai Museum, Car Museums [Volunteers needed]

Thursday lunch: Pic Nic at Soule or other park in town. Suggestion: Lunch could be prepared ahead of time at St. Andrews in the morning.  [Volunteers needed to make arrangements for picnic and to prepare lunch] 

Thursday Night: Catered Dinner at St. Andrews - possible Mexican Food Truck [Volunteer needed]

Thursday Night Entertainment: Class of 64 Slide Shows & Movies of 1964 & 1961 Nordhoff Class Graduation & Baccalaureate ceremonies. Plus possible live background music.

June 7, 2019

Friday Morning: Breakfast at St. Andrews [Blair Cooper volunteered to make Pancakes. Assistants welcome]

Friday Possibilities: Terminate Reunion after breakfast or hold an event at Nordhoff such as an assembly or a tour of the campus [volunteer coordinators needed]

Cost of the 3 Day Event: super cheap…subsidized by some very generous donations carried over from our 50 Year Reunion. There are 3 different ways to pay and deadlines to be aware of:

            Payment by check in advance $20/person accepted until May 15. 

            Make check out to "Nordhoff Class of 1964" and send to:

Mark Hall

2300 Cienaga St. Space 20

Oceano, CA  93445

Payment by credit card on Nordhoff Class of 1964 website $21.50 accepted until May 15, 2019. [We are in process of setting this up. Once completed, details will be provided.]            

Payment by check accepted at the door $25/person. 


Volunteers needed as indicated above. Please contact Larry Kennedy (larry@kennedytoday.com) if you are willing to volunteer. Funds are available to reimburse volunteers for inputs purchased such as food, decorations, etc. Keep your receipts. Caren Olsen volunteered to take care of Decorations. We will need a volunteer to coordinate communications via cell phone during the reunion, answering questions about events taking place and the whereabouts of individuals. A list of cell phone numbers will be provided. If someone from each of the invited classes would like to put together a slide show we would be happy to present it to the group.

More information will be provided in future updates as events and details are confirmed.